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Our ManEco biofertiliser at the strawberry farm in Vraňany

  We would like to thank Mr Hanc from the Vraňany strawberry farm for the opportunity to realize a comparative experiment using our ManEco bio ...

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The Manetech Company

MANETECH CZ s.r.o. is a purely Czech company, which is active internationally. We sell our products on Central and South-East European markets.

We are engaged in production and distribution of substrates, organic fertilisers, decorative and mulch materials, as well as gardening supplies intended for small growers and large-scale growers. 

We are aware that soil is a crucial source of life on Earth.

However, this seemingly inexhaustible resource is deteriorating as a result of human activities, which is why we are very actively engaged in producing organic fertilisers.

We utilise a unique patent for producing organic fertilisers.

Our portfolio includes industrial and organic products. We meet the requirements of professional growers and also enthusiasts who love their garden and their profession.


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